Transform Your Life by Changing Your Brain

    Do you wish to wake up from your nightmare? “Heart Sutra” is the most well-known Buddhist text in the world. In which, what we call “reality” is described as utterly unsubstantial, pure illusion, and complete emptiness. Osho, a great Indian spiritual teacher stated when speaking about dreams and reality that “Dream is part of reality Read more about Transform Your Life by Changing Your Brain[…]

Improve Your Brain Health

NEW STUDY SHOWS THAT EATING GREENS HELPS ENORMOUSLY TO IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN HEALTH In our Train Your Brain, Master Your Life workshop, you will learn, through  combining the principles of Holotropic Breathwork with the latest advances in the science of perception, memory and quantum theory, how to “rewire your brain” and consciously program your mind Read more about Improve Your Brain Health[…]