Guided Meditation #4 – Reduce Criticisms and Complaints in Your Head (Revised)


This is a guided meditation to reduce the complaints and criticisms in your head that have been preventing you from becoming a more capable adult with confidence.



Have you noticed that there is constant chatter in your mind? And it is mostly criticizing and complaining about others?

When you are criticizing someone or something, you are using your Child Mind and not your Adult Mind. Metaphorically speaking, when Child Mind takes the wheel and drives, Adult Mind sits in the back seat and you are not moving in the direction of becoming more courageous to grow or more creative to expand.

Try listening to this guided meditation for a week every night before you fall asleep, you will gradually recognize that because your head is filled with complaints and criticisms and not much capacity to appreciate what you already have, it has been difficult for you to feel safe, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.