Guided Meditation – Alleviate Fear and Anxiety


This variation on the Child Mind Meets Adult Mind Meditation can reduce your anxiety and fear facing the current pandemic and this novel collapse of normality.



This is a variation of “Child Mind meets Adult Mind Guided Meditation.”

These days, when you watch the news or read something on the internet, then you become fearful and think what you need to do next that is an important thing, gathering correct information, making the right choices and acting accordingly to minimize the chance of getting yourself infected and also to protect your loved ones.

But when you are overwhelmed by an excess amount of fear to the degree where you are either mentally paralyzed or you start to act irrationally, then that can bring you so much stress that it weakens your immune system.

So if you have been waking up every morning feeling anxious about what is going to happen today? Then this is the guided meditation for you.